Terms of Service

Last updated on: Feb/2/2014

By ordering NodeServ's ("us", "our" or "we") products and/or services, You ("Customer", "Client" or "Your") agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement. NodeServ reserves the right to suspend, cancel or terminate any service provided without refund or warning for any reason if the terms of this Agreement or our Acceptable Use Policy are violated. NodeServ hereby reserves the right to modify our AUP, TOS, Privacy Policy as well as our SLA; by ordering our services you agree to these terms of modification. Please check periodically for changes to these pages.

This Agreement extends to the Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy and therefore, by accepting the Agreement, the Customer hereby agrees to the all linked legal documents.


We cannot guarantee 24x7 response time, so please be patient when you submit a ticket - submitting multiple tickets in quick succession (spam) will only have your problem de-prioritized.


Services are provisioned automatically after payment is received.


We offer a (5) days money-back guarantee on all of our hosting services. You can find more information about refunds on our Refund Policy page.

Unmanaged Services

Our unmanaged services are designed for customers with knowledge of the Linux Command line as well as basic networking terminology and understanding. NodeServ is only responsible for the following:

However, if time permits NodeServ will make an effort to try to help every client the best we can, but as this service is "unmanaged" all extra support is on a "best-effort" basis.

You can get help from our staff as well as our community on IRC at #NodeServ on irc.freenode.net

Data Protection

We take multiple measures to help prevent hard disk failure as well as data loss, our unmanaged are backed up weekly to an offsite location in event of a natural disaster or large scale event. Our servers are configured with enterprise level hard disks as well as enterprise RAID cards configured in RAID-10. However data loss is always possible and it is up to the client to retain up to date backups in multiple locations - we will not be responsible to any data loss. If you need help setting up a secure backup system, our community will be happy to assist you on our IRC channel.

Account Verification

All accounts are subject to automatic and/or manual fraud verification. If we find your account created using false or fraudulent information, your account will be suspended immediately and a refund will be issued - as well as being banned from our services.


NodeServ accepts payment through Paypal (Paypal Funds, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover). Prior to activation of your account and provisioning of your services you agree to allow NodeServ to charge your provided payment method. You may Opt-In for recurring payments, by doing so you agree to allow NodeServ to charge you at defined intervals. Failure to pay your invoice by the due date will result in a 12% late fee. Failure to pay your invoice before 3 days after your due date will result in a suspension of your account and services until you pay your outstanding balance as well as any applicable late fees. Chargebacks and billing disputes will result in an automatic suspension of your account.

Email SPAM

NodeServ has a zero tolerance aginst email SPAM (unsolicited email messages). Any account found to be part of an email spamming system will be immediately terminated without refund.